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Workshop Policies
All prices on application
Student enrolment registration:
All details submitted & held in strict confidence.

Workshop groups as follows:

  • Moonbeam, Starlighter, Sunray & Phantom workshops.

  • Adult Dancercise workshops.

  • Show workshops.

  • Specialist workshops.

Each weekly workshop will be charged for as Stage Door Studio operates during secular school term times. These are payable each week, five or eight week blocks or each term, which ever payment is preferred by the individual. (Special workshops may be held if required e.g. for show work etc).

As a courtesy notice is required from the parent or guardian if the student is ill or due to be away on holiday. Should a student miss their usual workshop they may attend another one if applicable, only by prior agreement with the group leaders.

Should a workshop not be paid for, no more than one week will be allowed to lapse & after this time the student will not be entered into the workshop, unless by prior consultation & at the discretion of the workshop leaders.

Please Note:
We remind parents that Stage Door Studio are only responsible for their child during their allotted workshop times.
Should a student be absent for 3 weeks or more without notification, they will then be excluded from Stage Door Studio & re-registration will apply.

Should there be any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Many thanks, best regards, Anne & Janet on behalf of Stage Door Studio.

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